• Hugo Troll Wars 1.03.8

    Hugo Troll Wars 1.03.8

    Remember Hugo? He's back, in strategy game form Review Hugo, for those who didn’t know about its existence, was a popular TV character back in ...

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  • Instagram 4.2.7

    Instagram 4.2.7

    Share your photos with a professional touch and become an influencer! Review Instagram is a free video-sharing and photo-sharing service, that has become the social network to ...

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  • The Tribez 1.68

    The Tribez 1.68

    Develop your own village in wild nature Review Get into the exotic world of The Tribez helping native stone-age people from a parallel universe to ...

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  • Clash of Clans 5.113.2

    Clash of Clans 5.113.2

    Your walls won’t be strong enough against my barbarians! Review Strategy games are living a new golden age thanks to the dominance of mobile devices ...

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  • Pyro Jump 1.0.7

    Pyro Jump 1.0.7

    Play with fire without getting burnt Review Pyro Jump is a free smartphone platform game with really cute design and simple gameplay. Developed by Pinpin ...

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  • The Sims FreePlay 5.2.2

    The Sims FreePlay 5.2.2

    Welcome to the SIMvolution Review The Sims best-selling series has grown so much since the first title was released back in 2000. The Sims FreePlay freemium ...

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  • GTA San Andreas 1.07

    GTA San Andreas 1.07

    The hood in your hand Review There are some videogames that may never become old-fashioned no matter how much time passes, and GTA San Andreas is ...