• TrueCaller 5.35

    TrueCaller 5.35

    Phone calls have never offered so many possibilities TrueCaller is a telephony tool that allows users to identify entrant calls and find friends if you ...

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  • Udemy 1.8

    Udemy 1.8

    Study whatever you want with this made-to-measure app Review Udemy is well-known website that offers online coursers to students or professionals that want to increase their skills ...

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  • Asphalt 5 3.4.2

    Asphalt 5 3.4.2

    Race with the Most Popular Racing Cars in Different Cities Worldwide There are now a lot addicting games that you can download and install on your ...

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  • Slender Man Origins 0.01

    Slender Man Origins 0.01

    Did you hear that? Run while you can! Review Slender Man Origins is a horror game developed for mobile devices in which you will have ...

  • Robocop 1.0.3

    Robocop 1.0.3

    Murphy is alive again on your portable device Review In the age of remakes, one of the titles that couldn’t miss the party was Robocop, ...

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  • Dungeon Keeper 1.0.54

    Dungeon Keeper 1.0.54

    Aye aye, Keeper! Bring the classic back Review For those nostalgic gamers who love good old PC games, Dungeon Keeper was the classic reference back ...

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  • Jungle Heat 1.4.7

    Jungle Heat 1.4.7

    Wacky wars in the jungle Review With an unmistakable influence from films such as Tropic Thunder and classic games like Cannon Fodder, here comes Jungle ...

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  • Farm Heroes Saga 2.0.20

    Farm Heroes Saga 2.0.20

    Old MacDonald’s Farm has changed so much Review The game developer King can’t be complimented for creating very innovative, nor risky games that go beyond ...

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  • Deadman's Cross 1.0.2

    Deadman's Cross 1.0.2

    Card zombies are the best zombies Review Welcome to yet another zombie game in which the rise of the deadmen has destroyed the previous world ...

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