• Candy Crush Saga 1.84

    Candy Crush Saga 1.84

    Sweet and delicious candy screen Review The puzzle genre is in luck after the release of Candy Crush Saga. This title offers sweet gameplay alongside a ...

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  • Outread 1.3

    Outread 1.3

    Increase your reading fluency with this easy-to-use app Review Outread is an application used for increasing your speed reading. It utilizes one of the greatest comprehension ...

  • Telegram 0.9.2

    Telegram 0.9.2

    A cloud-based app with no limits on file transfers and more privacy Review Telegram is a free instant messaging service that allows you to send text messages ...

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  • Quickr 1.6

    Quickr 1.6

    Access your favourite applications in an easier and faster way! Review Quickr is an Android app that allows you to have access to all the installed software ...

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  • Shazam 7.6.0

    Shazam 7.6.0

    The application that recognizes every song played Review Shazam is a mobile app which allows you to know which song is currently playing. It shows you most ...

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  • Down 2.1.1033

    Down 2.1.1033

    Choose between getting down or getting a date and meet new people Review Down, which is commonly known as Bang With Friends, is a free dating app ...

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  • Stupid Zombies 1.2.1

    Stupid Zombies 1.2.1

    Get Addicted With This Action-Packed and Brain Busting Zombie Game Since Plants vs. Zombies was released, zombie Action games have been popularized and a lot of ...

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  • Beats Music 2.3.1

    Beats Music 2.3.1

    Listen to your favourite music without ads, wherever you want Review Beats Music is a cross-platform and music streaming player which allows you to listen to ...

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  • KD Player 0.9.6 (standard)

    KD Player 0.9.6 (standard)

    A Perfect Alternative Music Player for Your Mobile Phone Most mobile phones that support playing audio or mp3 files have built-in music players. But most Audio ...

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