• DEER HUNTER 2014 2.12.0

    DEER HUNTER 2014 2.12.0

    It’s not Chuck Testa, it’s a hunting simulator Review For fans of the wild and survival experiences, DEER HUNTER 2014 transports players to different environments to ...

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  • Clash of Clans 5.113.2

    Clash of Clans 5.113.2

    Your walls won’t be strong enough against my barbarians! Review Strategy games are living a new golden age thanks to the dominance of mobile devices ...

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  • Jungle Heat 1.4.7

    Jungle Heat 1.4.7

    Wacky wars in the jungle Review With an unmistakable influence from films such as Tropic Thunder and classic games like Cannon Fodder, here comes Jungle ...

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  • Down 2.1.1033

    Down 2.1.1033

    Choose between getting down or getting a date and meet new people Review Down, which is commonly known as Bang With Friends, is a free dating app ...

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  • Dungeon Keeper 1.0.54

    Dungeon Keeper 1.0.54

    Aye aye, Keeper! Bring the classic back Review For those nostalgic gamers who love good old PC games, Dungeon Keeper was the classic reference back ...

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  • Nudge 3.10.1

    Nudge 3.10.1

    Sync all your sporty applications to get the body of your dreams! Review Nudge is a fitness app that joins together all your applications that offer suggestions ...

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  • Farm Heroes Saga 2.0.20

    Farm Heroes Saga 2.0.20

    Old MacDonald’s Farm has changed so much Review The game developer King can’t be complimented for creating very innovative, nor risky games that go beyond ...

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  • The Tribez 1.68

    The Tribez 1.68

    Develop your own village in wild nature Review Get into the exotic world of The Tribez helping native stone-age people from a parallel universe to ...

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  • Whisper 3.0.4

    Whisper 3.0.4

    Share your most private feelings whilst keeping your anonymity! Review Whisper is messaging app that allows you to send secret messages. It was a great initiative, following ...

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