• Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.2

    Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.2

    Recover the password of your router Review Wifi Unlocker is an Android application that lets you check the security of wireless Internet hotspots. This software allows ...

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  • Candy Crush Saga 1.84

    Candy Crush Saga 1.84

    Sweet and delicious candy screen Review The puzzle genre is in luck after the release of Candy Crush Saga. This title offers sweet gameplay alongside a ...

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  • Telegram 0.9.2

    Telegram 0.9.2

    A cloud-based app with no limits on file transfers and more privacy Review Telegram is a free instant messaging service that allows you to send text messages ...

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  • Quickr 1.6

    Quickr 1.6

    Access your favourite applications in an easier and faster way! Review Quickr is an Android app that allows you to have access to all the installed software ...

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  • Shazam 7.6.0

    Shazam 7.6.0

    The application that recognizes every song played Review Shazam is a mobile app which allows you to know which song is currently playing. It shows you most ...

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  • Find My iPhone 3.0

    Find My iPhone 3.0

    Find your lost or stolen device and lock it against unauthorized users Review Find My iPhone is really useful app that allows you to locate or find ...

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  • WeChat


    Keep in touch with friends and meet new ones, wherever you are Review WeChat is a free voice messaging and mobile text service that allows you ...

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  • Instagram 4.2.7

    Instagram 4.2.7

    Share your photos with a professional touch and become an influencer! Review Instagram is a free video-sharing and photo-sharing service, that has become the social network to ...

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  • Beats Music 2.3.1

    Beats Music 2.3.1

    Listen to your favourite music without ads, wherever you want Review Beats Music is a cross-platform and music streaming player which allows you to listen to ...

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