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  • XolidoSign


    'XolidoSign is a free desktop application, which can be used to perform three distinct and complementary functionalities: - Create an electronic signature for any kind of ...

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  • Smartpixel 3.1

    Smartpixel 3.1

    Edit your video clips easily Smartpixel is a 2-in-1 screen recorder and video editor software that’s easy to operate for home users. It can assist in ...

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  • 5by 2.2

    5by 2.2

    Keep yourself entertained and don’t get ever bored! Review 5by is an app that allows you to watch online videos to match your tastes. This recent idea ...

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  • Titanfall Full Version

    Titanfall Full Version

    Get into the battlefield riding your giant Titan Review Titanfall is an original First-Person Shooter with driving giant robots as one of its key features. ...

  • Cross DJ 3.2.2

    Cross DJ 3.2.2

    Feel like a professional DJ and show everybody your incredible skills Review Cross DJ is virtual DJ mixing software which allows you to become a professional DJ ...

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  • Mimpi 1.0.8

    Mimpi 1.0.8

    Do dogs dream of bones and cats? Review Mimpi is not your run-of-the-mill platform for mobile devices; it is an adventure that will lead the ...

  • Blitz Brigade 1.2.0

    Blitz Brigade 1.2.0

    Play the war battlefield with the humor you didn't know you missed Review The time for competitive First-Person Shooters for mobile devices has finally come. ...

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  • Deadman's Cross 1.0.2

    Deadman's Cross 1.0.2

    Card zombies are the best zombies Review Welcome to yet another zombie game in which the rise of the deadmen has destroyed the previous world ...

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  • TVPlayer 1.2

    TVPlayer 1.2

    Watch your favorite TV channels whenever and wherever you want Review TVPlayer is an application that allows you to watch live and online TV. You don’t have ...

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  • Ninja Hero Cats 1.1.1

    Ninja Hero Cats 1.1.1

    Don’t mess with the Ninja Cats Review Cats, those lovely animals that have conquered the Internet thanks to their cuteness, have decided to start a ...

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